Why ski holidays are so good for you!

It’s very nearly time for the ski lifts to open and you’re all more than likely dying to get back on the mountain for a week of skiing or snowboarding, and let’s not forget the unforgiving Apres-ski! I know I’m excited to strap my board on my feet and jump on that first lift of the season!! The reason why we love ski holidays is obvious, but maybe you’ve never thought about why a trip to the mountains is so good for you. When you think about it, there are actually loads of health benefits.


On average you can burn up to 3000 calories during 6 hours of skiing, that’s a normal day for hardcore snow lovers who are the first up the mountain and the last to leave. Although skiing and boarding exercise all our major muscle groups, our inner and outer thighs, hamstrings and buttocks get the biggest workout. But you already knew that! Who hasn’t woken up on day 2 of the ski holiday struggling to walk or even get out of bed?! It’s a good ache though; let’s you know your muscles are working hard. (Doing stretches before and after skiing/boarding will help with this!) But ideally your body would benefit from a proper sports massage at least once in the week during your ski holiday to help free up and release those tense and clenched muscles. To  book a sports massage in Morzine or Les Gets this winter simply click here.

So not only will you come home with toned legs and bum, but you’ll have tightened your stomach muscles and improved your balance too! When you are flying down the piste, you constantly utilize your core stability muscles to keep yourself upright and steady. You are effectively strengthening your stomach muscles that help to tone your tummy and stabilize your spine. Overall, your balance and coordination will improve, not to mention your technique on the slopes!

Skiing and snowboarding are great forms of cardio. Just half an hour of skiing/boarding without stopping is a good cardiovascular workout, which in turn strengthens your heart and lungs, so that your muscles can receive oxygen more efficiently. Being physically fit boosts your immunity and can help relieve depression, not to mention that you can drop up to 5 pounds in weight after just a week’s skiing!


Finally, one of the best parts about a ski holiday is the adrenaline. We all love a good adrenaline rush, and it is probably the reason we throw ourselves down mountains at sub-zero temperatures. These adrenaline rushes leave a much longer impact on our bodies though. Regular involvement in adrenaline-fuelled activities such as skiing or snowboarding can train your body to react better to the usual stress that we face on a daily basis caused by work and life in general, leaving you more relaxed and happier when you return home after your fantastic holiday!

With all these benefits, it would be silly not to take advantage! If you haven’t yet booked your ski holiday for the 2013-2014 season, then go to Mountainxtra.com to book your next adventure and check out our current deals on offer!

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