Terms & Conditions

Mountain Xtra terms & conditions for the rental of self catered holiday properties

“You” refers to the group leader as detailed on the booking form.

“We” / “us” / “our” refers to Mountain Xtra Ltd.

“Group” refers to all persons listed as staying with you as detailed in the booking form and or to any later changes to these names.

1.0 The contract

1.1 This is a short term holiday rental contract between you and Mountain Xtra Ltd. Registered Number: 4415367 (England and Wales). By booking the holiday you understand that you agree to the terms and conditions details below. The contract is in effect once the booking form has been completed and sent by the group leader and the booking deposit has been paid and received. Booking fee deposits are non refundable under all circumstances. Your holiday reservation is only secure once full payment is received.

1.2 You are over 18 years old.

1.3 You agree all information provided to Mountain Xtra is is correct & accurate.

1.4 You (group leader) are responsible, for all group members for all matters relating to the booking and agree liability for any damage or non compliance of any of the terms laid out in this agreement. You must be part of the group and present on the holiday. You may not sub let the property or book the holiday on behalf of a company or a group where you are not present staying in the property.

1.5 Only group numbers and names listed on the booking form are contractually permitted to stay in the holiday property during the agreed period. Under no circumstances are additional guests allowed to stay in the property other than those specified on the booking form. Failure to comply with this may result in your booking being terminated immediately in resort and you and your party being asked to vacate the relevant property immediately. No compensation will be paid for this. Changes to the listed names may be requested in writing up to 7 days prior to arrival, requests must be agreed in writing by Mountain Xtra  and we reserve the right to refuse changes or additions without the need to provide reason, in which case no compensation or refund will be applicable.

1.6 You must read these booking conditions carefully before booking your holiday with us. The person making the booking on behalf of the Client (the group leader) accepts the booking conditions on behalf of all persons defined as “Client”. It is the responsibility of the group leader to bring these booking conditions to the attention of all persons included in the booking and to ensure that they are respected. Validation of a booking by the you implies acceptance without restriction or reservation of these terms & conditions.

1.7 If any of the details that you fill in on the booking form should change, in particular but not limited to, home address, email address, phone number, quantity or names of guests or any other details then you are contractually obliged under these terms and conditions to inform us in writing to: info@mountainxtra.com as and when any such changes occur. You agree that if you fail to provide us with up to date contact details in accordance with this term the contact details already provided to us by you will be deemed good for service including, but not limited, service of any legal proceedings.

2.0 Arrival & departure times

2.1 Check-in is 4pm or after on day of arrival.

2.2 Check out is by 10am or before on day of departure.* (Failure to vacate the property by the above checkout time could result in extra charges of £10 per every 10 minutes over.)

3.0 Your liability and responsibilities

3.1 By agreeing to these terms, you (the group leader) are personally responsible for all the members of your group and any visitors that you have in the property. You are expected to ensure that they understand and adhere to all the following terms.

3.2 Additional property specific rules may also apply which will be listed in the guest information folder found in the property.

3.3 Additionally you agree to check that all external doors and windows have been closed and locked every time you or any member of your group leaves the property unoccupied.

3.4 FIRE RISK: You must not leave any oven, hob pan, heated cooking equipment, open flame (including log burning fires and candles), or cigarettes unattended in the property at any time, this includes while you are outside on a balcony, deck, in a garden or in a hot tub. You must not move beds, sofas or any furniture or furnishings close to heaters / radiators. Heaters & radiators must be turned down when you are not in the property.

3.5 You must not leave any items of clothing on radiators and nothing other than towels on heated towel rails.

3.6 If a fire is discovered and later found to be the fault of you or any member of your group or any individual that you have had in the property then you are solely responsible for the insurance risk.

4.0 Insurance / Passports / Visas

4.1 You and every guest in your group is required in the terms of this rental agreement to have adequate medical and holiday insurance in place to cover any medical costs or repatriation requirements, loss, theft, damage, fire, or other insurable risks which amongst other things, provides cover in relation to the non-refundable elements outlined in these terms due to circumstances such as but not limited to, loss of holiday costs due to flight cancellations or other travel arrangements, forced resort closures, epidemics, pandemics or force majeure.

4.2 As group leader you are responsible for making sure every guest has adequate insurance in place at point of booking or prior to travel.

4.3 You are responsible to be in possession of and for making sure all members of your group are in possession of, a valid passport and if necessary travel or holiday visas. Make sure you check visa requirements for all the countries you will be visiting during your trip and note that if flying to Geneva in Switzerland, it is not in the EU.

5.0 Illness / Early Departure

5.1 If you or any of your group become ill (with Covid-19) or any suspected virus or potentially seriously contagious illness prior to your holiday it is your responsibility not to travel.

5.2 If you or any member of your group become ill during your holiday with Covid-19 or any suspected virus or potentially seriously contagious illness and you are required to self isolate and request to extend your booking you will be obliged to pay for the extended booking required at the full market rate on a per week basis or, if availability is not possible, you are required to find your own alternative accommodation.

5. 3 Early Departure. Once you have checked into your holiday property, if you or any member of your group has to leave early for any reasons whatsoever including for personal reasons, illness, resort closure, government guidelines or any other reason not listed here, unused nights are non-refundable.

6.0 Smoking policy / illegal substances / fire arms / weapons / pets

6.1 All properties are strictly no smoking, this includes on balconies. If this rule is breached a charge of £250 shall be applied.

6.2 If you smoke outside a building make sure exterior doors are fully closed, always use an ashtray and dispose of your fully extinguished cigarette butts afterwards in a sealed bag in a bin. Do not flick cigarette butts into the garden, driveway, snow or surrounding areas. Never risk putting any partially extinguished cigarettes in a bin. A £100 charge shall apply for cigeratte butts left by your group outside the property.

6.4 The use of illegal drugs, firearms, knives, other weapons or any illegal substances is not permitted in the property, if discovered during your stay your holiday may be terminated, you may be required to vacate the property in which case no part of the holiday price will be refunded.

6.5 All properties are No dogs / No pets.

7.0 Noise curfew

No loud noise after 10pm. This is for the comfort and respect of the neighbours and other close by residents.

8.0 Damage

8.1 It is your responsibility to make sure you and your group respect the property.

8.2 Once checked in you have 24 hours to report any damage from previous guests by sms text message or email. If accidental damage occurs during your stay you  are contractually required report it immediately and will be responsible for the cost or repair or replacement.

8.3 Outside shoes must be removed whenever you enter a property

8.4 No skis, snowboard or bike equipment is permitted in our properties, ski storage facilities are available for every property and in some properties bike storage is available.

9.0 Behaviour

9.1 We have a zero tolerance policy with regards to physical or verbal aggression made towards any of our staff at any time, which includes phone calls, text messages, emails or in person interactions. If it is deemed that your behaviour is in any way aggressive in any communications with us then we have the right to refuse your business, your holiday may be cancelled, in which case any amounts already paid will be non-refundable.

9.2 Once you have checked into the property any unruly, rude, offensive, verbally or physically aggressive, or violent or illegal behaviour from you, or any other person in your group or any person that you have allowed to enter your property will result in the full loss of your security deposit and or eviction from the property, in which case no part of the holiday price will be refunded. This includes loud, abusive, aggressive or drunken behaviour in or around the building or grounds in which your property is located that may disturb your neighbours or any other person in the vicinity.

10.0 Cleaning & vacating the property

10.1 You are expected to leave the property including outside areas in a clean and tidy state.

10.2 This includes removing all rubbish and taking out all of the recycling,

10.3 Doing all the washing up. It is your responsibility to clean all the plates, cutlery, crockery and cooking equipment for the next guests.

10.4 Cleaning the oven (& BBQ where applicable)

10.5 Wiping the kitchen, bathroom and other surfaces. Sweeping or vacuuming & mopping the floors.

10.6 We have calculated the average cleaning time for each property based on historical cleaning times required for a normal property changeover. If a property is deemed to have been left dirtier / more messy than usual then every additional hour or part hour over of cleaning time required by us will be charged to you at a rate of £50 p/h.

11.0 Hot tubs

11.1 If you have booked a property with a hot tub it is done so at your own risk. We do not accept liability for injury or death while you or any of your group or invited or non invited house guests are using the the hot tub.

11.2 All hot tub users absolutely must shower before each use.

11.3 One of our trained staff or a spa professional maintenance contractor may check the hot tub during the week and top up the chemicals if required. You are required to leave the key in the keybox every time you are out so that they can gain access as and when required.

11.4 If it is discovered that the hot tub water becomes infected with mud, alcohol, excessive quantities of urea from sweat or urine or anything else that has in any way affected the water quality that proves not fixable with chemicals then we or our contracted maintenance company will be forced to shut the hot tub and it may be unavailable for the remainder of your holiday, the non use of the hot tub for any or all of your stay is absolutely non-refundable in every case, and additionally the cleaning, flushing and water changing fee may be deducted from your security deposit or in cases where the security deposit has already been returned then due as an additional fee.

11.5 If government imposed water restrictions are placed on the region where the property is located that enforces us or our contracted spa maintenance company to have to close the hot tub during or prior to your booked holiday dates, Mountain Xtra does not or will not accept any liability where-so-ever or how-so-ever arising, or pay compensation for the closure or lack of use of the hot tub for any amount or the full amount of your holiday dates.

12.0 Log burning fires

12.1 Use of fires, log burners, ovens, or other potentially dangerous equipment such as ovens and hobs within the property is entirely at your own risk.

12.2 We assume you know how to use these facilities safely and properly if you do not know how to use them please do not do so.

12.3 You must always supervise children and we may not be held liable for any accidents that occur.

13.0 Security deposit

13.1 If you paid via bank transfer or PayPal to instigate the return of your security deposit you need to email us your bank details 7 days after your departure date so we can make a bank transfer (minus any required deductions) directly into your account.

13.2 If you paid for your holiday / security despot by card then we will return your security deposit or release the held funds (minus any deductions or charges if required) automatically within 2 to 14 days after your departure date.

14.0 Charges and deductions

14.1 Although extremely rare we retain the right to deduct part or all of your security deposit should any of our terms be breached.

14.2 All administrative time incurred by Mountain Xtra Ltd  in dealing with damage, misconduct, noise complaints or other breaches of terms shall be charged to you at a rate of £100 per hour (or part hour) to cover the interruption of our time to our normal business activities.

14.3 Any cost incurred by the use of professional advisors or solicitors in respect of enforcing these terms will be met by you, and will be addressed on an indemnity basis.

14.4 Should the holiday property be left in an unreasonably messy state, rubbish not taken out, ovens / BBQ’s not cleaned, cigarette butts found in outside areas, hot tubs contaminated with alcohol or other substances then we retain the right the withhold some or all of your security deposit. Additional cleaning hours required are charged at a rate of £50 per hour (or part hour).

14.5 If extra towels or bed linen has been used without prior written agreement or bed linen or towels are found to be damaged following your departure, including blood staining, fake tan or make up damage then you will be liable for costs of additional linen cleaning, stain removal or item replacement and charges will be deducted from your security deposit.

14.6 In the event that our cleaners find and have to deal with the cleaning up of vomit or feces or blood following your stay (this includes on carpets, walls, linen, etc) then a flat rate standard charge of £150 will be deducted from the security deposit.

14.7 In cases where you request or report a maintenance issue that requires in person attention and / or request a property call out / intervention / visit for any other reason, but the keys are not left in the keybox and therefore the maintenance person is unable to access the property then the call out fee charge may be passed onto you, charged at a minimum for £50 per call out and may be deducted from the security deposit.

14.8 Even if by accident, if anything whatsover is removed from the property or damaged the cost of repair or replacement will be deducted from your  security deposit or if the cost is more than the deposit amount you will invoiced and we will pursue you directly for the amounts owed.

14.9 If the property you have booked is located in France then it is a legal requirement in France that every adult of 18 years+ must pay a tourist tax “taxe de sejour”. The amount varies depending on the town, the property and on the number of nights. If you booked direct through us then it is common practice for the tourist tax amount to be collected at the end of your stay by leaving the correct amount in cash in an envelope along with the official tax form that will have been pre-filled in for your booking. If you would prefer to pay by card please request to do so 48 prior to your departure and an admin fee may be applied. Failure to pay tourist tax will result in the loss of the required amount from the security deposit hold on your payment card, in which case the whole security amount is initially collected, then the difference minus admin fee is returned to your payment card.

14.10 In cases where security deposits have already been returned and it is found later that you are liable for charges as detailed in these terms then we will invoiced separately and you agree to pay any charges within 21 days.

15.0 keys / lost keys

15.1 To prevent keys being lost you are required to store the keys in the keybox each time you go out.

15.2 In emergency situations it may also be required for a maintenance professional to access the property either at yours, ours or the owners request in which case they have the right to do so with our permission and they will access the key that is required to be left in the keybox by you.

15.3 Lost or damaged keys are charged at £150 per set (includes garage or car park barrier remotes & door entry fobs).

15.4 If a replacement key delivery is required, our time is charged in addition to the key loss fee at a rate of £50 per delivery.

15.5 This fee is also applicable if key(s) (includes remotes & door fobs) are accidentally taken home / left in a bag or pocket after check out, or for any other reason not left in the keybox by 10am on the day of departure.

15.6 In a case where a key is accidentally taken home, the fee may be reduced by 50% if key(s) are returned and in person or by post to our specific agreed address and received within 7 days of departure date.

16.0 Cancellation

16.1 The 25% booking fee is NON-REFUNDABLE under all circumstances. This term is non-negotiable. This fee goes towards fixed overheads and non recoverable administrative running costs including but not exclusively, advertising, staffing costs, card processing fees and any subsequent administrative expenses involved with the processing of cancellations or swapping of holiday dates.

16.2 If you cancel your holiday under 4 weeks prior to your arrival date and the none of the reasons (numbered 1 to 4) stated in the Covid-19 Policy apply then none of the holiday price is refundable. If final payment has not been made and you cancel your holiday under 4 weeks prior to your arrival date then you are still liable to pay 100% of total cost due of your holiday and we will pursue you directly for any monies still owed and for any additional costs incurred in the chasing of overdue amounts including our time and our legal costs.

16.3 Chargebacks: By agreeing to the terms and conditions on this website you agree to not to attempt to reclaim any of the non-refundable elements of this contract from your debit or credit provider unless: (1) the payment was fraudulent, i.e. not made or authorised by you, or (2) Mountain Xtra has declared bankruptcy. If you attempt reclaim costs by chargeback we will pursue you directly for any monies taken from our bank account and for all lost costs, bank fees and other charges incurred including our time and our legal costs.

16.3 Flexible Booking Policy

16.4 If you wish to swap your holiday dates for any reason you can do so free of charge prior to your final balance payment due date -4 WEEKS IN ADVANCE OF YOUR ARRIVAL DATE. We will issue you with a credit note for the 25% booking fee that you have already paid that you can put towards booking future dates (summer or winter) in any Mountain Xtra property. You must inform us in writing before your balance payment is due and the new holiday dates you wish to book must be within a 24 month from the original holiday starting date.

16.5 You may use the Flexible Booking Policy once free of charge. If it is no longer the first time (i.e second time or more) that you wish to swap your holiday dates (including with the use of a credit note) then an admin fee applies of £65 and the new holiday booking must still be within a 24 month period from the first original holiday arrival date that you booked. Credit notes are nontransferable. After 24 months from this date credit notes and booking fee transfers under these terms are no longer valid and no refunds, credit vouchers or compensation will be paid.

16.4 For avoidance of doubt if you do not wish to use the Flexible Booking Policy then the 25% booking fee remains non-refundable.

16.5 If the value of the Flexible booking policy credit voucher is less than the price of the new 25% booking fee required to reserve the new holiday property dates then the balance of the amount owed is due.

16.6 If the value of the Flexible booking policy credit voucher is more than the price of the new 25% booking fee required to reserve the new holiday property dates then the additional value may be used to offset the remaining amount owed of the price of the holiday, and deducted from the final payment invoice due 4 weeks prior to the new arrival date. If the value of the credit voucher is more than the price of the new holiday dates for the holiday property that you wish to book then no partial refund or additional credit voucher will be issued.

16.7 Covid-19 – Policy: only applicable to bookings between 01/12/20 to 24/04/22.

16.8 If your holiday start date is under 4 weeks prior to arrival and full balance has been paid and one or more of the following reasons (numbered 1 to 4 below) applies:

  1. Border closure of your country of residence due to Covid 19 travel restrictions including local or national lockdown measures (or border closure of Switzerland in the situation you are flying to Geneva).
  2. Resort closure of Morzine or Les Gets by the French authorities.
  3. Foreign office advice in your home country not to travel to France.
  4. Quarantine rules imposed on travellers into France.

We will issue you with a 100% credit note to use against any future holiday property booked through Mountain Xtra (summer or winter) within a 24 month period from your original holiday booking arrival date.

16.9 If you do not wish to accept a 100% credit note please inform us in writing prior to your original holiday check in date and we will refund you the 75% balance payment. 

16.10 If your holiday arrival date is more the 4 weeks away and the final balance has not been paid and you wish to swap your holiday dates for any reason you may do so through the Mountain Xtra – Flexible Booking Policy.

16.11 If you change your holiday dates more than once using the Covid-19 Policy then the 24 month period permissible for date changes always applies from the original arrival date of the first holiday booking that was made. After 24 months from this date, credit notes and booking fee transfers under these terms are no longer valid and no refunds, credit vouchers or compensation will be paid. 

16.9 If the value of the Covid-19 Policy credit voucher is less than the price of the new holiday dates for the holiday property that you wish to book then the additional balance of the amount due must be paid no later than 4 weeks prior to the new holiday arrival date.

16.10 If the value of the Covid-19 Policy credit voucher is more than the price of the new holiday dates for the holiday property that you wish to book then no partial refund or additional credit voucher will be issued.

16.11 Credit vouchers will only be issued once to the group leader, they non-refundable, non-divisible and non-transferable to anyone else, once used they are final and no partial refund or additional credit will be issued.

17.0 Limitation of liability

17.1 Mountain Xtra does not accept any liability where-so-ever or how-so-ever arising, or pay compensation for:

Any Force Majeure event. Any circumstances beyond our control or other unavoidable events including but not limited to, problems with amenities, water, electricity, internet, building works, natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, droughts, water shortages, snow conditions, landslides, ash clouds, flooding, war or threat of war, strikes, industrial disputes, airport or boarder closures, nuclear disaster, epidemics, pandemics, terrorist activities. Limitations imposed by resort authorities, ski lifts, ski school or ski hire operators. Travel arrangements made by the group or on behalf of the group. Any personal injury or death, where-so-ever or how-so-ever arising, caused to any visitor and/or any member of the group for their duration of stay.

17. 2 These limitations are not intended to exclude any statutory rights the group and/or visitor may have.

18.0 Extra services from third party suppliers

18.1 Business between you and any third party supply even if booked through or recommended by this website are solely between you and the specific supplier.

18.2 Mountain Xtra may not be held liable for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of any such dealings.

19.0 Special offers & promotional codes

19.1 Only one special offer or promotional code may be used per booking or at any one time unless stated otherwise, they may not be used in conjunction with other discounts, price reductions, prize wins or credit vouchers including those issued via use of the Flexible Booking Policy or Covid-19 Special Circumstances Assurance .

19.2 Special offer and promotional codes may also be subject to their own individual terms and conditions, expiry dates or availability.

19.3 The awarding or realising of all such promotions are at the discretion of Mountain Xtra and may be suspended or cancelled without reason or prior notice at any time.

20.0 Governing  jurisdiction

20.1 This agreement terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales.

20.2 All parties irrevocably agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales over any claim or matter arising under or in connection with this agreement or the legal relationships established by this agreement.


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