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Covering Morzine, Les Gets, St Jean d’Aulps & surrounding areas

Morzine Massage

Deep tissue massage

Perfect for aching legs, sore shoulders, stiff back or neck, or just general muscular tension,  and you know you’re in good hands with our team of British qualified Sports Massage practitioners.

Relaxation Massage

If you’re just looking for a deeply soothing or chilled out experience in the mountains with flowing moves which will leave you feeling calm, weightless and totally chilled then try the relaxation massage.

Hot Stone Massage

For a luxurious experience where hot stones are being placed around the energy centers of your body and which help to massage away tension in the muscles.


For those who wish to have their whole body balanced with pressure points on the feet, then reflexology is the option for you. This is a very skillful massage of the feet, that can be tailored to each individual depending on what your body is crying out for, An incredible way to make you realise just how much you use your body and how everything is interconnected!

Gift Vouchers; maybe someone in your party deserves a little treat as a present? You can organise a gift voucher before you leave the UK or set it up once in resort and we will do the rest!

Massage, Reflexology and Hot Stone Treatments Prices

Massage or Reflexology Hot Stones
30 minutes 45€ 60€
45 minutes 60€ 75€
60 minutes 75€ 90€
75 minutes 90€ 105€
90 minutes 105€ 120€
210 minutes Indulgence package*199€ NA


*The indulgence package is an entire evening of massage (3.5 hours) in your chalet for just 199€. Choose your therapist and a group of you can enjoy consecutive massages in the comfort of your accommodation.

Leg Massage

What makes our service different

Morzine Massage only employ Sports Massage Therapists with a level 4 or higher qualification and a minimum of 2 years experience. In fact the majority of their staff have a degree and all have worked with international athletes. Most of our staff spent summer 2012 working at the London Olympics providing Sports Massage for the worlds best athletes. So if it is an excellent massage you are looking for then look no further. There is not a beauty therapist among us!


All Morzine Massage therapists are all experienced level 4 or higher British qualified Sports Massage practitioners, registered and insured for your peace of mind, with plenty of hands on experience.

We come to you

We travel to you at all the following locations with our portable massage couch, towels, oils and expert hands!

Morzine, Les Gets, Montriond, Essert Romand, St. Jean D’Aulps, and Le Grand Turch

Massage Feet

Why massage aids muscle recovery

When there is muscle tension, there are usually adhesions which form bands of painful, rigid tissue in muscles, tendons and ligaments. These adhesions can block the circulation, particularly in the fascia and cause pain, inflammation and reduce movement.

Deep tissue massage works by physically breaking down these adhesions thus relieving the pain and restoring normal movement. To do this the therapist often uses myofascial release, direct deep pressure to the area or frictions applied across the grain of the muscles.

This will improve the micro circulation of the muscle, increase the flexibility of the muscle tissue and increase the permeability of the muscle allowing better delivery of essential nutrients and oxygen for muscle recovery.

After the massage your muscles will feel looser, softer and ready to tackle that mountain again!