Get ski fit with 5 exercises from Morzine Fitness

WANT to go harder, faster and longer on the slopes? WANT to prevent injury and still have the energy to dance on tables (or pick the kids up from ski school and do the Carrefour shopping)? 

Oui? Then read on my friend…

First the good news, if you’re already doing any of these – carry on! They’re great CARDIO as well as leg strengtheners:

  • Running
  • Biking
  • Swimming

Perhaps you’re thinking holiday skiing and snowboarding is just sliding gracefully down a hill while trying to look cool? Well here’s a reality check…

“You’re going to get out of breath as you’ll be at a lot higher altitude than you’re used to – that’s thinner, colder air on your lungs. You’ll also have about 15kg of extra kit on your body.” says Sue Imeson, owner of Morzine Fitness

If your current activities are ‘tickover’ sports and your heart rate isn’t pumping then we recommend adding intervals or a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout (short, sharp circuits style). Anything that gets you to sweat really… (head to the Morzine Fitness weekday 9am classes if you’re in the area).

We asked (super Spartan fit) Sue for specific training sets that could also be replicated at home without any equipment. These are the top 5 exercises that you can start doing right now!

1. CORE: Planks

☆ Nail your plank technique then hold and release for equal amounts. Up the times, reps or variations when it gets easy.

♡ Without these, you’ll fall over a lot!

2. QUADS: Squats 

☆ Bang out 3x 20 sets or squat along to a song such as Moby’s Flower (The Sally up, Sally down song)

♡ Perfect for replicating skiing or snowboarding.

3. LEGS: Lunges

☆ Master a lunge walk with varied arm movements to test your balance! Knee above ankle at all times please.

♡ Start with simple moves before challenging yourself further – just like ski piste grading and lengths.

4. UPPER BODY: Push ups

☆ Press ups can be made easier by using your knees or adjusted to target the triceps by moving the hands closer together – keep those elbows tucked in.

♡ Shushing in the chairlift queue or poleing along the flats will now be a doddle!

5. CARDIO (as above)

☆ Run / Bike / Swim / HIT

♡ Get your heart rate going to prepare you for the altitude

“Rather than spending the first day exhausted and the second day aching, spend a few weeks doing these exercises to prepare your body for blasting down the slope in style and with energy left for the all important après.” She adds, quipping “Enjoy that winter holiday and you’ll be booking your next one as soon as you get back!”

Want technique tips or visuals? watch this video

Do include rest days and don’t forget to cool down and stretch properly – whether you’re gearing up for your holiday, still deciding where to book or have just descended off the mountain. Look out for our yoga-aprés guide with The Yoga Pixi!

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