Snowboard and slope slang phrases. All you need to know

OK, so you’re chatting to your fellow mountain lovers and they come out with a phrase like “Your Mrs must be an ARTIC COUGAR”… WHAT?!

Well here is our comprehensive list of all you need to know… You’re welcome…


used to explain the emphasis of style in a trick. if someone “boned out a indy” they would grab hard and create an emphasis of the maneuver such that his/her legs may appear extended or stretched to a maximum degree. or the style of the indy was more.


This is the ultimate description of euphoria. That last trip to the mountains was FRONT!!!!Dude, he pulled of a FRONT airdog. Checkout the FRONT chick on the lift. Origin- Cold Front brings the start of the season, abreviate and it’s FRONT bro.


A snowboarder with every piece of snowboard gear imaginable. He has been known to use it all at the same time whether or not the circumstances call for it.


A Rider that wears a helmet used mostly by speed oriented downhill skiers. Helmets resembling what road cyclist wears.


An old lady who goes for really young guys on the slops and in the lodge.


when you fall on your ass but going so fast that you pass people on your ass -he pulled the old ”asspass” on me, and flew right by!


used when a nice trick was landed -that was a banging tail grab!


Something thats hella big or tricky


When something is wack. Mostly when the pipe or best run is closed EX: “Dude, the pipe is closed? That’s Bunk!”


It means chillout and relax.


A fat kid that has no skillz


The act of riding on something other than snow, i.e. rails, trees, garbage cans, logs.


Similar to real or absolutely awesome. “That trick was so legit!”

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