Skiers Vs Snowboarders – Mountain Etiquette

There has always been a longstanding rivalry of sorts between skiers and snowboarders.  But why? I don’t understand it.

Yes, snowboarders can spend a lot of their time sat down, but it’s usually because they’re eyeing up a jump or their legs ache and they need a rest. Trust me, it’s a lot easier to rest standing up on skis than it is on a board.


Snowboarders Sitting

And yes skiers can be a pain zigzagging from one end of the piste to the other, but that’s usually the beginners and we all have to start somewhere right?


For most people, skier/snowboarder rivalry is a bit of a joke, but a small percentage of people remain who genuinely hate the other sport. It’s slightly ridiculous considering we all come to the mountains for the same reasons: to enjoy the snow, sun and après-ski!


The main thing reason we might discriminate against the opposite sport is due to one person’s behaviour most of the time. Like when that snowboarder knocked into you that one time and shouted abuse at you, like it was your own fault, so now you hate all snowboarders right? Well that’s wrong, and if everyone just showed a little courtesy and respected the main rules of mountain etiquette, then we can all get along!


Here are our top tips on mountain etiquette so as to not aggravate the opposite sport!


1. Do NOT wave your ski poles around!! The amount of times I have been clipped or stabbed by a pole, on the slopes and in the lift queues. Grrrr


2. Don’t STOP or sit in the middle of a run, and definitely not just after the brow of a hill (I’m talk to you snowboarders!) You’re going to get ploughed into, and probably at a high speed. Get to the side if you want to stop and make sure there’s no one directly behind you if you’re planning on stopping immediately.


3. Give learners a wide berth; otherwise you flying past them might knock their balance.


4. Always remember, the person in front of you has right of way. You need to watch what they’re doing and manoeuvre yourself around them!


5. Don’t litter! Just don’t. We love our mountains, don’t ruin them for everyone!


Follow these rules, and hopefully, all those haters will one day disappear. If you want to be really cool, then do both! At Doorstep skis, you can swap from renting skis to a board (and vice versa) halfway through the week if you want and they’ll deliver them to you! (Book through us for a discount on ski hire).

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