Road Biking in Morzine

Every year, road cycling is becoming more and more popular in the Alps, and Morzine is the perfect place for it! The variety of loops on offer is amazing, starting from one hour to whole days out, so whether you’re a beginner or an experienced road rider, there’s something for everyone.

Not only that, but the Tour de France has put Morzine on the map in the road biking world, with famous climbs such as the Col de Joux Plane, Col de la Ramaz and Col de Joux Verte; all in the vicinity of Morzine.


The Col de Joux Plane climb is 11.6km long and links Samoens to Morzine. The climb up from Morzine is slightly shorter and not as steep, but if you like a challenge, the route up from Samoens was one of few climbs that came close to breaking Lance Armstrong himself! It is harder, but much more rewarding, and imagine being able to say you’d conquered it yourself!


col du joux verte

The Col de Joux Verte is a popular route, climbing from Morzine all the way up to Avoriaz, 800m up on the cliffs above. The distance is 32km and should take around 1-2 hours*

While the health benefits are obvious, you get the luxury of amazing panoramic views whilst out on your bike too. Not only is it an achievement when you reach the top of a climb, but you get to look out over the Alps, drink in the beautiful scenery and know that you’ve earned the view.


The best thing about road cycling holidays is that the ski lifts don’t even have to be running, meaning if you’re on a tight budget you can come in the interseason (the period in between the summer and winter seasons). The whole of May, most of June, September and October are quieter, a bit cooler and you will find accommodation is dirt cheap!

Ready to book your road biking holiday? We offer a range of properties that are ideal for biking holidays, and can also help with many of your holiday requirements such as bike hire and discounted airport transfers. We can also organise road tours for you: ride with a group of fellow roady enthousiasts, with a support vehicle available at all times to provide refreshments, spare parts, mechanical support or even a lift if you need a rest! You will cycle with a support rider who will set a pace for you and offer encouragement and mechanical support if necessary. Visit for more information.


* These are but a few examples of the road cycling routes available. For a more extensive list go to


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