In the life of a pro-snowboarder: Happy new year


Maisie Hill

Hey, it’s Maisie again!

I hope y’all had a good Christmas and New Year.

Were you were lucky enough to get out to the mountains? I had a blast going home to Morzine to visit my family. There was tons of snow and my nephew who is only two years old got on a snowboard for the first time, he was shredding! My dad got me a split board for my Christmas present, I even had time to test it out. It’s for sure one of the best gifts I’ve ever received, it was really fun and I’ll definitely be using it this season when there’s too much snow to ride the park. It’s such a great way to keep fit and then still get to ride down the mountain, it’s great that people are still finding ways to shred even in these crazy times!

But, now thanks to being triple jabbed, I’m back training hard in Austria, which I’m pretty stoked about. This week I’ve been working on my frontside rotations, yesterday I worked purely on perfecting my take off’s so that today I would be ready to spin some frontside 720’s. I need them to be consistent if I want to have a chance at qualifying in World Cup so I was really happy when they came around nicely today. Tomorrow I will work on the style some more, I love to see improvement in my riding (who doesn’t!) so having my coach film my jumps really gives me a moral boost, even if sometimes it’s not the best, it’s good to watch the videos back to see what I can do better next time.

Mountain Xtra Blog: Maisie Hill rails

My next Europa Cup competition is in two weeks, I’m working not only on my snowboarding but also on my mental health. I’m constantly thinking positively, even when sometimes my riding isn’t going exactly how I want it, it’s so important that I keep a good mind set and only think about improving, even when sometimes it means going back a step.
What really works for me is easy short term goals, even when I’m not snowboarding. Making a list of easy, super achievable tasks (wether it be doing laundry or tweaking a grab a little bit more on my backside rotations) really helps me to achieve my long term goals. But as I said, sometimes things don’t go my way and I feel a bit down about myself but honestly, that mentality isn’t going to get me to where I want to be and the more I think positively, the quicker I’m going to achieve my dream and I couldn’t be more hyped about it.

So anyway, back to training on the mountain tomorrow and not forgetting about land training at the house. We did legs yesterday and man can I feel it now! I’m really enjoying getting back into full training mode, it’s challenging but I love it.

Maisie Hill 🙂
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