Buying the right goggles

With the start of the season less than 2 weeks away, it’s time we started thinking about our winter kit. One of the most essential items for us are goggles and here’s our guide to buying…

Buying goggles isn’t as easy as choosing the best looking, pulling out your money and walking out the store. Here’s our guide on how to choose the best for you:

Articulated hinges:
This is certainly personal preference. If you wear a helmet, the articulated hinges help with distributing the pressure over the face more evenly, but they’re not everyone’s first choice.

Face foam:
Not only does the foam keep the goggles comfortable on your face, but they also wick moisture away from the skin.

Helmet compatibility:
Most new goggles are now compatible with helmets, in fact, we haven’t come across a pair this season that isn’t. Which is good news, as it’s one less thing to worry about. If in doubt, check for a rubbery coating on the inside that will grip your helmet. They’re an investment and not o ne you want to see fly off your head. Take your helmet and try the goggles on with it so you know they’re a good fit.

Lens colour:
They aren’t just pretty colours! The colour of the lens determines how the goggle will perform in different light conditions. With most goggles you are able to change the lenses, but not all are easy, so make sure you try before you buy. Additional lenses are a good buy if you plan on skiing in varied conditions. Check out the lens chart below for more info.

Lens shape:
Spherical lenses match the curvature of the eye to give a more natural view; flatter (cylindrical) lenses optimise peripheral vision and generally cost less.

UV & anti-fog protection:
Make sure your lenses screen out 100% of harmful UV rays. The little added cost vs. cheap goggles is well worth it. If they don’t have an anti-fog system, you can buy wipes that coat the inside of the lens to aid in keeping them fog-free.

Goggles rely on vents to maintain air flow and keep the goggles clear. Goggles with “double lenses” do a much better job at this, so worth considering.


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