Full Chalet Management


What is full management?

If you have invested in a property in or near Morzine or Les Gets and you want it to cover its costs and / or start earning you additional income then full management is absolutely the best and easiest hassle free way to to generate extra income.


Full Chalet Management means that a professional property management company such as Mountain Xtra takes on the marketing, advertising, cleaning and guest management of your property for you. We look after everything so you don’t have to. All you need to do is dress and furnish your property to the high standards required these days for high end guest holiday rentals then decide in advance which weeks you are going to use the chalet yourself then we will do the rest, you simply sit back and wait for the money to start rolling in.

Why full management as opposed to part management or clean only?

With a part management service you are responsible for everything, from advertising, enquiries, phone calls, arranging extras guest requirements and special needs to dealing with security deposits, rent, meet and greets, after stay cleans, after stay infections plus it is expected that you are on call 24 hours a day should your guests have any problems. An example of extra services you may be expected to arrange include arranging child care, delivering  lift passes, arranging airport transfers, ski hire, catering, cot hire, plus you will need collect money for all these extras. You would need be the first point of call when there is a problem (which most of the time you can do nothing about if you are not in resort) and ultimately you are responsible for looking after your guests from start to finish. All this takes a lot of time, and it is not uncommon to spend the best part a day dealing just with one or two enquires to find at the end of the day that the prospective guests book a different chalet through someone else and your time has been wasted.

With a full management service we take this stress off your hands as we already have full time sales staff whose job it is to deal with these enquires, take bookings, collect payments as well as in resort maintenance, cleaning  and guest liaison staff to see to the general well being of each holiday guests. Simps give us a call to discuss your chalet management requirements in more detail.

How much will you earn?

This depends on how much you want to use your property yourself. Even with good snow the winter season is considered to have about 16 sellable weeks with high season periods at New Year and in February, in particular half term, and low season periods are considered to be January and March / April. The more weeks you are not using it yourself i.e. that you allow us to sell (in particular at high season times) then the more money we can earn for you. The specific amounts will vary on the size, style and location of your property. If you would like us to put together estimate of an earnings forecast for your specific chalet contact us.

What about summer income?

Summer income is possible. The summer season has about 8 sellable weeks. Properties that perform better in summer tend to be larger, closer to town, have secure bike storage and wash facilities and ideally hot tubs, sauna and or swimming pool. Also it is important to note that summer rental incomes will normally be significantly lower than winter, maybe as much as half the price due to the lower quantity of summer tourism and higher supply of available properties.

What makes mountainxtra different?


We care about our guests, we care about our property owners and we care about our staff this filters down meaning that we provide a quality all round service.

High Standards

We train to very high standards and we expect the best from our cleaning staff, the best from our sales staff and we also ask and expect our guests to treat all of our properties with respect.


Managing properties in a mountain resort in extreme winter and summer conditions is not an easy job, neither is it always predictable. We make sure we are planned to account for flexibility, we do everything to fix all problems as quickly as possible.

Complete Service

At mountainxtra we deal with the advertising, bookings, change overs, linen, guests requirements, maintenance, gardening, handy man or other maintenance requirements. We offer a complete package.