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To rent or to buy, that is the question?

If you are two minds then fill out our enquiry form and someone from our hot tub partner supplier will be in contact to discuss your options.

The main reason to buy your own hot tub is so that you don’t loose your deposit if it’s accidentally damaged or broken but more to the point, it is yours! You will not have to give it back at the end of one season.

The disadvantages of buying your own hot tub include not having a new, updated model every season, plus there are additional costs of running it as electricity can add up especially if it is not covered or placed in an insulated area.

Merits of hiring a hot tub as opposed to buying one include that if the novelty wears off you can simply return it and that you can update to a better model every season, plus most hot tub rentals include regular maintenance contracts and maintenance training for yourself. Also if you are in a rented property in the Alps why would you want to buy a hot tub that you would then only have to sell at the end of your property rental term.

The disadvantages of renting a hot tub as opposed to buying one are that in the long run or over a period of a few years you will be spending more money in hiring costs that than you may have spent in buying outright.

Top tips before you buy…

Choose the right one

Size is important, if you intend to use it for lots of people or a large household don’t pick one that can only fit a couple of people as queuing in the cold isn’t fun and in turn if it is just for personal use and your family or group is very small then why pay extra in initial costs and running cost for one which is way bigger than necessary. Also if you intend to put your hot tub outside then make sure the one you choose can handle the cold and wet winter conditions most will be a fibreglass with durable metal frame often wood clad or hard wearing moulded plastic. Ask to see pictures of what is available before you buy.

Cleaning and maintenance

Maintain your hot tub religiously. If you fail to chemically treat your hot tub or clean regularly it will cost you far more in the long run and probably break not to mention the water will go a funny colour, probably smell and become generally un-appealing. If your hot tub is getting regular use it must be maintained a couple of times a week some people even treat it after every use to keep the chemicals in the water perfectly balanced. If you would like a quote for a maintenance contract fill in your details in the enquiry form and our hot tub supplier partner company will be in touch.

Where to put it

You will need a strong area, once full of water (and people) your tub could weigh up to a tonne or more. A six foot concrete base will be sufficient for a standard tub however if you are planning somewhere more adventurous such as a balcony seek advice from a structural engineer or the original builder.

If you are putting your tub outside the more insulation the better. If you put it directly on the ground you will loose heat into the earth, maybe consider building a strong decking area (contact our landscaping partner “design in nature” for decking quotes). Also a sheltered area from above and the sides will also help prevent additional heat loss, the more you can do to keep the warm water warm the less you you will have to pay in heating costs.

If you are putting it inside don’t forget that a floor drain is essential as water always spills out and walls should really be painted with kitchen and bathroom paint as the moisture in the air will build up.

Get a Cover

Unless you want to throw money away then a well insulated cover is vital in cold conditions. Every time you finish using your hot tub make sure it is put back firmly and securely in place, some covers even come with locks to ensure that the lid is going nowhere when not in use. You can also purchase energy efficient thermal blankets for your hot tub which float on the water below the cover to aid the fight against heat loss extend the life of your cover.

Shower first

Insist that all hot tub users shower first. The worst things for your hot tub are foreign chemicals such as sun cream, deodorant, make up and human sweat. They will infect the water which in turn over long periods of time destroy the pumps even if you are blasting it regularly and cleaning it with the correct chemicals why after a hard days skiing or mountain adventures would you want to sit in a hot soup with other dirty humans, so respect each other and care for your hot tub itself and politely insist that everyone shower first prior to using it.

Power and installation

Water and electricity are not friends so get it professionally fitted by an electrician, contact us if you need a recommendation. It should be wired directly into the main circuit breaker in your chalet and be allocated it’s own fuse probably around 20amps for single phase circuit using 2.5mm cabling and around 16 amps for a 3 phase system on 1.5mm cabling then make sure the electrician has fully tested the RCD is working correctly before you start using your new tub, be safe not sorry.

Interested in renting or buying a hot tub for your mountain property?


If you have any questions please contact us by clicking on the get in touch button and filling in the form on this page only (do not contact us directly at mountainxtra) as we partner with a local hot tub supplier for all your hot tub needs. Thank you.