Lucky to be alive? This guy survives being buried in an avalanche

A video is released by a man buried in an avalanche. It makes sobering and educational viewing. If you ski or snowboard off piste you probably should watch it.

The incident happened in the Swiss resort of Les Crosets on January 30th 2015. The video and story has just been posted on line.

It shows the type of slide that can happen – it was a low angle slope and not far from the marked run.

It demonstrates clearly that anyone who heads off piste should be prepared and have all the correct safety equipment.

The victim, James Mort from Sydney in Australia, was dug out by his friends who undoubtedly saved his life.

But it was a very close call.

Please, please, please be careful if you’re planning on heading off piste. Make sure you have all the correct gear and more importantly, know how to use it. It may just save your, or a friends, life!