How to get fit for the ski season… Part 3 – Strength and Power in your Legs

Strength and power
The quadriceps (front of your thigh) and gluteal muscles (back of your thigh) are the main power muscles used during skiing. These can be trained with exercises such as lunges, split squats, step ups, deep squats and cycling. Try not to use wall squats, which can translate into skiing with weight on the heels.
Eccentric quads training is an often neglected element of strength. The quads work in two ways on the slopes. Not only do the quads straighten the knee but also control the knee from a straight position into a bent position.This slow release is called eccentric strengthening and is a fundamental part of ski training. (The quads are not worked eccentrically in cycling – it is the hamstrings that bend the knee when cycling.) Doing step downs off a step is a perfect way of working your quads eccentrically. Make sure your alignment is perfect – as above. Start with 30 reps and then when this is easy, add weight.